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Kramer VGA Connector HD15 Male 2551-815010[2551-815010]

Kramer VGA Connector HD15 Male 2551-815010

Kramer VGA Connector HD15 Male 2551-815010[2551-815010]


Aantal :
Kramer offers an expanded range of 15-pin high density (VGA type) connectors designed to be installed on Kramer or other compatible bulk cables. Choose from typical solder style male or female connectors, or a new "crimp" system for simple and faster construction. Male pins for both systems are gold plated to resist corrosion and provide the best performance possible. The metal hoods fit both styles and genders of Kramer 15-pin HD connector bodies, and are designed with an opening which accommodates cables of approximately 10mm outer diameter. If one's cable hasa 9mm outer diameter, one just needs to order the available grommet (part #99-9001501) inaddition to the metal hoods.

Note that the bare end of Kramer’s C-GM-XX family of single-ended “installationcables” are pre-stripped, and pre-tinned for extremely easy installation using any of our15-pin HD connectors, or the terminal blocks found on the back of many wall plate andframe/module products.
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