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Kramer RCA C-R4VM/R4VM 1,8m[C-R4VM/R4VM-6]

Kramer RCA C-R4VM/R4VM 1,8m

Kramer RCA C-R4VM/R4VM 1,8m[C-R4VM/R4VM-6]


Aantal :

Kramerís R4VM series cables are constructed from 4 mini coax cables terminated with RCA connectors at each end. They offer outstanding quality, durability, and high performance for any component video & digital audio application.

  • Quality Construction - Constructed using rugged and flexible cable containing four mini coaxes.
  • High Quality Connectors - Coaxes are contained in a single round jacket, and are terminated with premium quality gold plated, color coded RCA connectors.
  • Multiple Applications - This cable is compatible with any standard or high definition analog component video signal including YUV, Y B-Y R-Y, Y Pb Pr and Y Cb Cr. Also compatible with typical digital audio formats including S/PDIF, Dolby Digital, DTS, Pro logic II, etc.).
  • Varied Selection of Lengths - Available in 3, 6, 10, 15, 25, 35, and 50 foot lengths (0.9 to 15 meters).