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Kramer 3.5mm C-A35/IRE 3m[C-A35/IRE-10]

Kramer 3.5mm C-A35/IRE 3m

Kramer 3.5mm C-A35/IRE 3m[C-A35/IRE-10]


Aantal :

Kramerís A35/2IRE is a dual Infrared emitter permanently mounted to a 3 meter cable.

  • Application - Use the C-A35/2IRE-10 with any remote control system which offers a port
    for transmission of IR control information via hard wire. The 10 foot cable is terminated
    with a 3.5mm mini connector which can be removed if needed. The transparent emitters adhere to the IR receiving device with double-sided tape.
  • Kramer Control Systems - Use this IR emitter with Kramer RC series remote control
    panels and the VP-23RC presentation switcher.