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B&C Driver DE75P[B&C Speaker DE 75 P]

B&C Driver DE75P

B&C Driver DE75P[B&C Speaker DE 75 P]


Aantal :
General Information
brand B&C.Speakers
type DE75P
description 2" high frequency compression driver. The particular mylar/titanium diaphragm using a 3" edgewound flat aluminium wire voice coil and a optimized high energy ceramic magnet assembly produces smooth response and excellent sonic properties .
serie N/A
This loudspeaker can normally be supplied with these impedances.

Comment: values different than 8 ohm are more difficult to supply.

8 Ohm or 16 Ohm
diameter["] 2.0
power[W] 80
power_definition N/A
sensitivity[dB] 108.0
freq_low[Hz] 500
freq_high[Hz] 18000
magnet_material Ferrite
voice_coil_diameter[mm (inch)] N/A
voice_coil_material N/A
flux_density[T] 1.85
material_diafragma Titanium
typical_use N/A
recom_xo[Hz] 800
production_status continued

Mounting Information
overall_diameter[mm] 170
driver_depth[mm] 67
weight_netto[kg] 4.5
weight_shipping[kg] 4.8