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B&C Driver DE25[B C Speaker DE 25]

B&C Driver DE25

B&C Driver DE25[B C Speaker DE 25]


Aantal :
General Information
brand B&C.Speakers
type DE25
description 1" high frequency compression driver. Low mass mylar diaphragm ensures an extremely flat frequency response and optimized ceramic magnet assembly, results in high sensitivity and low distortion up to 18 kHz.
serie N/A
impedance[Ohm] 8 Ohm or 16 Ohm
diameter["] 1.0

General Information
power[W] 40
power_definition N/A
sensitivity[dB] 108.5
freq_low[Hz] 1500
freq_high[Hz] 18000
magnet_material Ferrite
voice_coil_diameter[mm (inch)] N/A
voice_coil_material N/A
material_diafragma Mylar
typical_use N/A
recom_xo[Hz] 2200
production_status continued

Mounting Information
overall_diameter[mm] 134
driver_depth[mm] 60
weight_netto[kg] 2.8
weight_shipping[kg] 3.1